once upon a time, we got married


Just look at the love.

Our wedding was incredibly special thanks to the family, friends, and loved ones who celebrated with us, both in person and in spirit. We are grateful for your influence, your guidance, and your prayers as we begin this sanctifying process of becoming one.

Our wedding was also fun! Laughter and giddy smiles and oh, so many hugs. We treasured the moments of joy with all the members of our community.


The gentlemen.


The ladies.


Jonathan’s family.


Maggie’s family.

Without a doubt, our favorite parts of the evening came in the ceremony itself. We deliberately planned for Christ to be honored above all, but also for our community to be celebrated. Image

Our circle of community, witnessing our I wills.


Our bridal party, serving communion to the congregation.


Our 24-person harvest table (head table) in the center of the room, surrounded by our guests.


It was a happy, happy day, which we’ll remember forever. Here’s to the Giver of all good gifts, including this love.

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2 thoughts on “once upon a time, we got married

  1. This post? It made me watery eyed. How beautiful the love of Christ. How blessed to be able to glimpse it through a marriage covenant, a wedding feast. Love you guys.

    P to the S: I would like the record to state that I was the first person to evAR comment on y’alls blog. I find it fitting.

  2. […] Community matters to us. As if we had to say it again. […]

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