the impossible and a God who raises things from the dead

Lately, I’ve been introduced to the God of the impossible.

Not in the abstract, immaculate conception kind of impossible, either. The this-situation-was-hopeless-and-now-there-is-hope kind of impossible.

It keeps happening. A particular set of circumstances renders me powerless to fix it. Worry does nothing but add wrinkles to insomnia. And then? God has this way of taking a situation that in human terms is impossible, undoable, irredeemable and makes it happen.

After one such incredible event last week, Jon thanked God for being the kind who raises things from the dead. In the days since, I’ve been dwelling on this concept.

Our God is the kind who raises things from the dead. He has done it with his son, Jesus. He has done it with our situations. He has done it with me.

At church last Sunday evening, we sang the words: “Oh, praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.” I’d always thought the phrase was “raises life up from the dead,” in general. Turns out, it’s specific: this life. My life.

Later, we sang these lines, which sum up my faith in 11 words: “Christ has died and Christ is risen. Christ will come again.” My faith is founded on the impossible made possible.

There are still some situations Jon and I are trusting God for. We are trusting that he can show up and set all things aright. He can, he has, and he will again.

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