the kellers’ table

Community matters to us. As if we had to say it again.

It really does. The times we’ve experienced true community are almost always gathered around a table, eating a meal together.

There’s something holy about the table. About the eating. About the commonplace being redeemed and the everyday being used to sanctify.

You may also remember that we currently eat at a card table borrowed from friends. We’re grateful for it, and grateful to have a surface to dump all our mail and bills and taxes and such, but we haven’t been able to have as many meals with friends as we would like, for lack of tabletop space seating. Getting a dining room table just hasn’t been a top priority.

And then Valentine’s Day rolled around.

Let’s just do cards this year, I said. Okay, let’s do one small gift, I said. Actually, I didn’t order it in time, I said. Just cards, then.

Jon led me by the hand into Crate & Barrel. My eyes, full of confusion. His, twinkling with surprise and excitement. He pulled out the folded papers, the business card stapled to the top. I thought it was a coffee table (we need one of those, eventually, too).

Then, finally, incredulously: “You bought me a dining room table?”

It was too much to take in.

I spread my hands out over the mango wood, a beautiful darkened honey color, tracing the grain, as Jon explained that this table will be the place we build our community. It will be the place we raise our family. He didn’t say it, but I heard it: this table will be home.

Holy. Community. Home. My tears welled.

Our table is an investment, made possible by friends and loved ones who gave so generously at our wedding. Our table will make this apartment feel like home, hopefully to those who eat a meal around it.

The table arrives in 10 days. We can’t wait to invite you over.

3 thoughts on “the kellers’ table

  1. Audrey says:

    You will build great memories having meals, playing games and eventually, helping your kids with their homework!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love how you see the beauty and holy in the everyday. 🙂 Way to go, Jon, on the v-day gift! You’ll make lots of beautiful memories at tha table! Can’t wait to have dinner with you guys.

  3. Lovely – both in form and idea!

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