thirteen months

Happy Easter! We’d like to share some Easter joy with you (listen closely):

If you know our story well (or even if you’ve just read the About Us section) you know that we met & married in 13 months.

13 months must be magic, because when we’ve been married 13 months, we’ll have a baby, too!

Baby Keller is due in November and we are ecstatic.

He is Risen!

3 thoughts on “thirteen months

  1. Deborah says:

    Seeing Thomases (and Kellers) happy makes my heart happy! 🙂 SO glad for youall!!! ♥ And November is a WONDERFUL time to have a baby! 😀

  2. mtanaka1 says:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

  3. […] Friends, our lives are full of surprises and transition. We’ve started a company, a marriage, and a family in the past 2 years. And now it seems we’re in for another surprise. Thankfully for Maggie, we broke the 13 month trend. […]

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