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shout heard round the world

If you were listening closely at about 8:30 CST this morning, you should have heard the sound of Jon being a very proud daddy.

We’re having a boy!

We are absolutely thrilled and I stand by my original contention: I wasn’t wrong…I hoped it would be a boy! Those of you who voted boy, congratulations! Jon admitted to voting 5 different times, so that poll was a bit misleading.

He looks absolutely beautiful. Growing right on schedule for 20 weeks, he’s already 12oz. We saw so many views of his little body: arms, legs, fingers, toes, spine, a four-chambered heart, diaphragm, kidneys, brain, and even his nose and lips! I could feel him moving all during the ultrasound, and have been feeling him more and more since last week.

After searching for a while, the ultrasound tech got a great between-the-legs shot (which I’d noticed earlier, but didn’t say anything for fear of being oh-so-wrong). She said, “Any guesses?” and I stayed silent. Jon finally ventured cautiously, “Is it a girl?” When she typed “BOY” on the monitor, Jon said, “It’s a boy?!?! How can you tell?” She pointed out a particular piece of anatomy – a 99% certain giveaway.

We plan to name him Jonathan McCrary Keller, Jr. We can’t wait to welcome our baby Jack in November.

Here’s a pic of the 20-week baby bump…taken while shopping for maternity clothes!


baby keller: boy or girl?

Some people like competition. Turn any mundane chore into an activity they can win, and they are ALL OVER IT. If this baby is anything like its father, we’ll be making much of our everyday life into a competition…you know, to make it fun.

With that said, put on your fiercest game face, start up the trash talk, and vote in our baby gender poll below. If you’re right, you get bragging rights. If you’re wrong, there’s nothing to lose but your pride. Submit your vote before June 26th. Our ultrasound is at 7:40am, with results sure to follow.

To keep this competition you honest, comment on the poll itself after placing your vote (click “Comments” at the bottom of the poll box), identifying yourself and your vote.

on life lately

It’s been all quiet on the Keller front since our Easter announcement, but life certainly has not been boring.

We’ve both endured an awful first trimester (just telling it like it is) as well as the first few weeks of the second, but the horizon is bright. Hopefully, the remainder of second trimester will leave me feeling more like myself and less nauseated. Jon, too. Just kidding. Jon’s been endlessly supportive and I am a humbled, grateful wife.

We’ve seen our baby a couple times, which still blows our minds. Here he/she is at 9 weeks and again at 12 weeks.


Ultrasound interpretation is an innate ability for few in this world, so let us explain what you’re looking at. The ultrasound photo on the left is just a profile shot of our little sea monster (as I called it in the first few weeks when it had a tail), head on the right and arm/leg buds barely visible. In the 3D ultrasound shot on the right, baby is on its back, legs extended out to the right and crossed at the ankle. Its hand is up by its face and the umbilical cord is clearly visible. Some were quick to say it looks like Jon, but we’re not entirely convinced that’s a compliment: baby’s head was still at alien proportions at 12 weeks.

We’ve entered busier seasons of work, taking both of us on the road. It’s not always easy: let’s be honest, I lose the will to cook a proper meal when Jon’s not around. Not that I’ve had the will to do that recently at all, but still. It’s an exciting time because it means our companies are growing. When working for a start up, that’s the best news there is. We’re grateful for safe travels, profitable months, and new applicants.

On Mother’s Day, Jon was elected to be an elder at our church, Christ Presbyterian. Lord willing, he will serve two 2-year terms and we are excited to support the church in this way and be a part of what God is doing at CPC.

We traveled to Princeton last weekend for the annual Alumni Reunions. We were able to see a number of people who have long been important to Jon and who are now dear to me, as well. During the P-rade (a parade put on by Princeton alumni & their families, for Princeton alumni & their families), I felt like I was looking at a cross-section of a sociological study: 15th-year alumni outnumbered by their strollers, the numerous pregnant women in the 10th-year class. I felt very singular with my almost-there baby belly among the 3rd-year alumni, but enjoyed the solidarity of the one other family pushing their stroller.

Speaking of baby bellies, this is what 17 weeks looks like:

We are so excited to learn the gender of our baby at the next ultrasound, 3 weeks from today. Jon believes it’s a boy, and I have long hoped to start a family with an older brother. I was a pretty very bossy older sister, and my early childhood was punctuated with this warning from my own patient mom: Jacob already has a mother, Maggie. I would rather not take the chance on that “quality” being genetic, but I do have a sneaking suspicion this is a girl. We shall see! In the meantime, my brother has taken to calling this his “niecephew.”

As we practice already the discipline of surrendering the life and well-being of this child to our sovereign God, this prayer especially has meant much to me. It comes from Lucy Olson’s imaginative, witty blog Three Little Peppers. Enjoy!