baby keller: boy or girl?

Some people like competition. Turn any mundane chore into an activity they can win, and they are ALL OVER IT. If this baby is anything like its father, we’ll be making much of our everyday life into a competition…you know, to make it fun.

With that said, put on your fiercest game face, start up the trash talk, and vote in our baby gender poll below. If you’re right, you get bragging rights. If you’re wrong, there’s nothing to lose but your pride. Submit your vote before June 26th. Our ultrasound is at 7:40am, with results sure to follow.

To keep this competition you honest, comment on the poll itself after placing your vote (click “Comments” at the bottom of the poll box), identifying yourself and your vote.

7 thoughts on “baby keller: boy or girl?

  1. Skeller says:

    I’m voting boy entirely because I feel you are more likely to get a dog if zhe is a boy. I am never selfish about anything ever.

  2. Shannon cotnerll says:

    I am with Maggie on this one I believe it is a girl (: I am excited to find out!

  3. Going with boy, if only to see the Keller name continue for another generation. Of course, the tradition of the bride taking the groom’s family name may change in twenty years.

    • Skeller says:

      If I marry a person, unless they have a cooler name than I do, then we’re keeping Keller. And everyone cane deal with that.

  4. Boy. Because O MAN am I going to hook y’all up with the loaner clothes!

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