new vocabulary

Since learning last week that we’re having a boy, Jon and I have taken great delight in calling this child by his name. Already, we’ve come up with nicknames (okay, Jon, the Nickname King, has come up with nicknames) for him: Jack-Jack, Jackie Boy, etc.

My contribution to our growing vocabulary is a term for the times when Jack kicks me forcefully, protesting whatever I ate for dinner or whatever position I’m sitting in. It happens most frequently when I’m sitting at my desk or when we go to bed for the night.

We call those “Jack Attacks.”

7 thoughts on “new vocabulary

  1. Skeller says:

    Monkey being a boy means there will be more things with more monkeys on the butt. He will be king of the swingers, oh, the jungle VIP. And he’ll reach the top, and he won’t stop, because he is yours guyses baby.

    I don’t think you realize how many things have monkeys in them until you decide your nephew is going to have all of them. All of the monkeys. I am making up clapping games. You don’t understand. Monkey Bread, Maggie. MONKEY BREAD.

  2. Jack Attacks!

    That’s brilliant. 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Love it! Hopefully your baby will not be quite as crazy as Jack-Jack from the Incredibles though. 🙂

  4. Tony Thomas says:

    The Ripper

  5. tae says:

    every time i hear Jack i just think Kennedy. so i may call your son Jack Kennedy 🙂

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