on being ready

Oh, friends. We are so close. Jack is officially full-term at 37 weeks, and while there are a few missing pieces to our readiness (car seat, crib mattress, baby laundry, hospital bag, etc.), we are so excited to welcome him.

We got iPhones a couple weeks ago, and while Jon has clearly outperformed me at Angry Birds, I have become something of an instagram-aholic. Enjoy this photo dump from the last couple weeks, chronicling our getting-ready adventures.

One thought on “on being ready

  1. HeatherEO says:

    Hi! 37 weeks = so exciting!
    It’s so nice to “meet” you here. Allison from o My Family sent me over to say hello. We were wondering if you still need a car seat? Maybe you’ve gotten one in the few days that have passed since this post, but if not, we have one for you!!! We did a Graco event and we have an extra seat to give away. 😉 My email is heatheroftheeo at gmail dot com
    Peace to you and yours…

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