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how mama found her voice

imageThree times in the last three days I have heard or read or said myself the words, “Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. ” And three times in three days is more than a coincidence. Three times in three days means that I’m starting to believe those words are meant for me. They’re starting to go down deep into my heart and take root.
And if I believe them, if I believe that motherhood is not for the faint of heart, that makes me the opposite. That makes me STRONG of heart.
When I feel empty, when I feel so needed with so little to offer, quite literally filled to be drained every 3 hours, I will cling to these words. I will imagine they are being sung over me. I will hold fast to this simple cliche.
Because those words, they have found soft soil in my heart and they are throwing roots down deep to grow up tall. And that’s my favorite thing words can do.
I am typing this one-handed in the dark in the middle of the night because my son, my precious little boy–his breathing is heavy and his right ear is pressed over my heart. I wonder if he can hear what’s happening inside. Can he hear my heart growing stronger, encouraged by 8 little words?
If he can’t, at least he’ll wake to find a mama ready to take on the world.

on going back to work

Oh, maternity leave, I had great plans for you. I was going to organize our apartment, get rid of some things on ebay, you know–be productive.

Instead, I’ve had my dishes done for me more times than I can count.

Friends have cleaned my bathroom (!) and cycled my laundry.

Family members have vacuumed every room of the apartment.

Countless meals have been made for us by loved ones.

And then there’s all the people who have held Jack so I could nap, or run errands, or take a shower.

Maternity leave has been an exercise in humility. It has simultaneously proven to me that I cannot do it all, and that the support of our community means I don’t have to. So I am humbled. By love shown to us by those we are privileged to call friends & family. By love for our little boy, who daily delights and surprises us.

And now, maternity leave is over. (Where did it go?!)

Beginning Monday, I return to the workforce as part of the Communications Team at our church, Christ Presbyterian. Additionally, I’m working as a freelance writer, editor, and project manager for Open Book Communications. These are both new positions, as I resigned from the college I’d been with for 2+ years when Jack was born.

This new situation is answer to prayer: the church hours are part-time, the freelance hours are flexible (I can work on many projects in my yoga pants on the couch), the type of communications work is exactly what I want to be doing, and best of all, Jack will come with me since there is childcare in the building. I can even keep breastfeeding!

See? Maternity leave: God is faithful. Back to work: still faithful. No surprise there.

And now, baby photos (since that’s what you’re here for, anyways!):

Jack’s Birth Announcement
Birth Announcement

Hanging with Mommy while watching Downton Abbey (probably)
2013-01-14 21.35.16

Chillin’ with Daddy while Mommy was at a meeting for work2013-01-16 08.55.49

2013-01-27 20.50.37

And finally, this video of our little squealer.