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on half a year

268987_684679586338_615687979_nI promised myself I would write this post on Mother’s Day, but like most things in my life, it got shuffled off the to-do list in favor of spending time with the ones I love. Not a bad trade-off.

This Mother’s Day, my first one, Jack turned 6 months old. This blows my mind: where has half a year gone?

It’s gone to tiny baby hats and midnight feedings and double triple chins and splashing in the tub and too many diaper explosions to count and doing whatever it takes to hear that giggle one more time. It’s gone to holy moments, like baptizing him into the family of God and full-circle moments, like nursing him in a room on Wheaton’s campus where I used to do homework. This half year has gone to new routines, naptimes, bedtimes, and so many, many tears. It’s gone to feelings of confidence and desperation (sometimes on the same day). This half year is a mess of people who have poured themselves out to help these new parents find their way. Where would we be without our parents, our siblings, our coworkers, and those friends who are non-blood family to us?

These six months have gone to 5 different sizes of clothes, to sitting up, to rolling all over everywhere, to pushups, to rocking on hands and knees. They have gone to a million gazillion feeding sessions, and now they’ve gone to peas, carrots, and wheat cereal. It’s gone to sinus congestion and coughs and the ear infection the doctor almost missed because of Jack’s relentless sunny disposition.

This last half year has gone to a developing personality: this tiny extrovert who loves to be in the middle of the action, eyes wide whenever someone talks with their hands, with a love for the water and being upside down. It’s gone to missed naptimes because heaven forbid, he should miss out on whatever exciting thing is happening right. this. minute.

Much of the last 6 months has gone to the now-familiar rooms of our church nursery, where he goes 4 days a week and twice on Sundays. It’s gone to nature walks in the Ergo carrier, neighborhood errands in the Moby wrap, marathon-training runs in the jogging stroller, and lots of naps in the car seat. It’s gone to 6 flights in 6 months and one stamp in his passport.

Where did these last 6 months go? They went into my iPhone, on 750 photos and videos, each one saying, “Wait just a minute. Don’t grow up any more before I can capture this moment.” (Follow Jack through our Facebook album!)

These last six months flew and it’s true what they say that the days (and nights) are long but the months are short. Our love for Jack grows and grows. We are so blessed to be his parents.