Book of Kellers: the next chapter

2013-07-24 17.43.35Friends, our lives are full of surprises and transition. We’ve started a company, a marriage, and a family in the past 2 years. And now it seems we’re in for another surprise. Thankfully for Maggie, we broke the 13 month trend.

The current Keller clan is excited, a bit nervous, blessed to announce that we have an addition coming to our family!  And if  Maggie’s documentation of Jack is any indication, the next chapter in the Book of Kellers will begin testing the limits of your social media feed in March 2014!

If all goes according to schedule, Jack and Peanut, as we have codenamed the littlest one, will be 16 months apart. #donewithdiapersby30 #wehope

P.S. if you watched our video announcement last time, Tony Thomas’s reaction was exactly the same this time.

P.P.S. Please pray that we will sleep again. Someday.

One thought on “Book of Kellers: the next chapter

  1. Skeller says:

    Thomas family continuing to outstrip Keller family reactions every time. We love you and we love Peanut. We’re just weirdly reserved Minnesotans.

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