to jack on your first birthday

photo(5)Dear Little Guy,

You turned one a couple weeks ago. We can hardly believe what a little boy you’ve become right before our eyes. Your hair grew into a pretty wicked mullet, and your top side teeth appeared first, making you a “vampire baby.” You walk quite well now, even though your toddle resembles that of a drunken sailor and you still fall down for no reason at all.

We begin each morning together by reciting the Jesus Creed from Matthew 22. We made up actions to go with it, and you can hold up one finger for “the Lord is One” and hold up both your arms for “with all your strength!” On our way to the car, you point at every light fixture—”lih” is the sound you can manage. You’ve taken quite a shine to Good Night, Moon, so that comes in the car with us each morning. You take great pride in turning the pages yourself. But don’t think we don’t notice the bite marks on the book, Mister. You had orange and green ink all over your chin the other morning.

photo(3)Eryn is your primary provider at daycare, and we love her as much as you do. She is so good with you, so loving and attentive, and so patient! It warms our hearts to see your bond with her grow. You’ve attracted a little following of the other kids at daycare, who call you “Baby Jack.” They’re all a year or two older than you, and I (Mama) see your wheels turning as you watch them run around. You cannot wait to be a big boy like them.

During playtime, you like to keep moving. From trucks to blocks to balls to your two (!) Noah’s Ark sets, plus your bin full of board books, you have plenty to play with! You’ve developed sound effects, too: you make your trucks and boats vroom and your lions roar (okay, the giraffes roar, too)! You’ve just begun bringing us a book, then waiting to be set in our laps. We usually only get through the first few pages…then you’re off again!

You’ve developed more favorite tastes and textures recently. Cortland apples, steamed broccoli, and peas top the list! Cooked potatoes, carrots, and zucchini do not. You love chicken wild rice soup and spaghetti with meat sauce, but weren’t a huge fan of clam chowder…until Mommy added chopped broccoli! This Thanksgiving, you especially enjoyed sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, and pumpkin pie! We are so grateful that you eat virtually whatever we’re eating.

photo(4)You’re quite a fish in the water. You’ve been in swimming lessons for the past six months, and finally learned to blow bubbles a couple weeks ago. You jump in from the side, splash around, swim toward floating toys, and go underwater! At home in the tub, you lay on your tummy, kick your feet, blow bubbles, and play with your “dutt-dutt” (rubber duck).

Your favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home. You drop whatever you’re doing and charge straight at him full-speed, arms out, mouth open and full of squeals. Daddy plays you music on his phone, and someday, when you see video clips of your dance moves, we’ll have to explain “twerking” to you. You love to give hugs, and occasionally kisses, too (open-mouthed, of course)!

photo(6)You’re such an active little boy that we have to sneak in the snuggles whenever we can get them. The first few minutes after a nap and the middle of the night are our best bets. You’ve gotten better at sleeping longer stretches (6-8 hours), but still wake once or twice a night.

We are so proud of the little boy you’re becoming, and we know you’ll make a great big brother to baby Grace this spring. We pray for you daily, that you will grow in wisdom and stature, and that you will grow to know and love Jesus and the calling He has on your life. We’re still very new at parenting, sweet boy, and we don’t always get it right, but His mercies are new every day, and you are a delight.

We love you, little guy.

Mama and Daddy

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