jack, meet winter.

It began snowing today in Minnesota—the heavy, wet kind that will accumulate and stay…all the way until April.

Jack doesn’t remember last winter, and to be honest, I missed it, too. We were pretty well holed up in our apartment, staying warm and cozy, and also feeling overwhelmed (me, not Jack). I don’t even remember the first snowfall.

But when I woke up today, I was thrilled to see the beauty of all that freshly-fallen snow. I couldn’t wait to introduce Jack to it! He laughed when he noticed it falling from the sky and his eyebrows shot up when I gave him a piece to eat.

Of course, as is snow in Minnesota, it kept coming down, the roads grew treacherous, and the forecast shows that temperatures will drop below zero over the next few days. We were permitted to go home at 3:00PM, and I decided I wanted to take Jack outside in his snowsuit before it gets too cold.

At first, he forgot he knew how to stand up.


Once he remembered how to work his feet, though, there was no stopping him.





Pure joy. For us both.

4 thoughts on “jack, meet winter.

  1. His and your joy is contagious. Thank you so much for sharing it in this way.

  2. Gwen says:

    yes this is just the best I must say 🙂

  3. AlyceMHart says:

    Very precious

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