on being at children’s


What a week for our little guy! First experience in snow, first subzero temperatures, and now, first ER visit and hospital stay! The good news is that Jack is okay, and resting comfortably now.

Friday and Saturday, Jack had a fever and threw up a couple times. I figured it was the flu, read books, tried to nap and snuggled. The most obvious change in Jack was that he did not want to be off exploring–only to be held. Quite a difference for our busy, independent, extroverted little guy! He also took 3 naps, which is unheard of! Saturday morning we also noticed a reluctance to turn his head to either side or up/down, which set off concerns about meningitis. We called the pediatrician and the on-call nurse suggested Children’s Hospital ER.

This is the part of the story where I admit to thinking, “Oh, let’s just wait it out. Surely it’s nothing.” It’s also the part where my very wise husband said, “Okay then, we’re going to Children’s.”

20131208-052920.jpgWe arrived at the ER just before 4, and triage found Jack’s temperature at 102.8. They took us back to an exam room and eventually began collecting samples. The blood sample turned out to be very difficult to obtain and Jack has the multicolored band-aids to prove it. They worked an additional half hour trying to place an IV line, during which Jack screamed the entire time and I sobbed openly. Jon was incredible–soothing Jack, distracting him with music–and anytime Jon was out of Jack’s line of sight, Jack’s cries turned to “da da da da!” (There’s a lot of precious-but-awful things about your baby being at the hospital. That was one. Seeing Jack in a hospital gown was another.)

After 4 teams tried to place the IV line, they finally gave up and compromised on a shot of antibiotics plus a night of observation while awaiting test results. They didn’t want to send us home without knowing the cause of his fever.

Right after the decision to admit, our parents showed up, and they’re our heroes, not least because they brought us dinner! Both my mom and Jon’s dad were able to come back to see Jack and pray over him–another precious moment mixed in with all the awful of a hospital stay.

We waited for a room until 10:30PM, and Jack was practically delirious with exhaustion. Since then, nurses have come to take vitals every few hours, and while his temperature is fluctuating, it’s nowhere near as high as when we arrived. Praise God!

As of 4:00AM, here’s what we know: The strep culture came back negative and the neck X-Ray did not show any abscesses. Furthermore, the ER doctor consulted an ENT and they agreed it does not look like meningitis, which means we don’t have to do a lumbar puncture, for which I am grateful. They’re testing for influenza and RSV plus a smorgasbord of other infections. And so we wait.

In the meantime, you’ve shown us an outpouring of love and support via social media. We thank you for your encouragement. Our only ongoing needs are prayers: that Jack will continue to take fluids willingly (we want to avoid that awful IV process!), that the tests come back conclusive and the doctors have wisdom in diagnosing, and most of all, that we get to come home tomorrow!

I’ll post more updates as we know more. Thank you for your prayers–they’re working!


One thought on “on being at children’s

  1. Anne Cremons says:

    Oh sweet little Jack, my prayers are already flowing!! For your mom and dad too – I know their angst and feel their concern. How blessed you all are to have each other!

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