We’re home!

20131208-164936.jpgPsalm 66:19 But surely God has listened and has heard my prayer.

Friends: we asked, you prayed, God heard, and we’re home!

The resident who first visited us was fairly adamant that it would be best to keep Jack another 24 hours, so we were braced for that. But when the doctor came to see us, we advocated for Jack and what we felt would be best for him — skills we learned while preparing for Jack’s birth. For the sake of true, uninterrupted rest, the doctor agreed that his own crib would be better for Jack than the hospital.

He believes Jack had a viral infection followed by a secondary bacterial presentation — a one-two punch, if you will — potentially a urinary tract infection. Jack received another dose of antibiotic at 3:00PM, and we were home by 4. We’ll follow up with our regular pediatrician in the morning, at which time the test results of the cultures will be ready and we will hopefully know more about what this infection was!

20131208-165612.jpgBefore we left, I discovered that our floor was for kids with cancer and chronic blood diseases. It was sobering to see kids whose rooms looked more like bedrooms — indication of how much time they’ve spent there. It was powerful perspective: we were able to leave after just one night. What a true blessing to have such a healthy little guy, something I will not take for granted!

20131208-165710.jpgWe’re also so grateful that such quality care was available to us in our own backyard — and we’re thankful for health insurance, too!

Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, texts, phone calls, and tweets! We felt so loved and supported by you all. We’re just so glad to be home!

One thought on “We’re home!

  1. tae says:

    I’m so sorry we are just learning about your hospital stay now, long after the fact, but we are so thankful to know that prayers were answered, and that you all came through it and were able to go home after one night. Praise God! Miss you guys : )

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