On forming words

Watching Jack learn new words and string them together to form thoughts is our new favorite pastime. 

 “Daddy go work Life Floor.” 

 “Oh no wha’ happen?” 

 “I kick ball fall down.” 

 “Big owie go hoss-bal.” (hospital) 

“Jesus peace my heart.”

 And this, which he heard as a warning in the parking lot: “No run, car hit me.”

When he was still small, I told Jon I’d rather have a talker than a walker because I just wanted to communicate with my sweet boy. That time has come, at long last, and I love to hear him narrate and observe his world.

He also tells stories while he pretends and communicates basic emotions (sad, crying, pain, and his favorite “no want/don’t wike it”). 

Last week at daycare, a little friend went into time-out and Jack turned to me and said, “Uh oh. Wissen obey foast time.”
“I will listen and obey the first time, not the second time, or the third time, but the first time” is my favorite line from the Hope Academy Declaration, one that I’ve been trying to help Jack internalize. And I suppose it’s working!

Today in the way home, Jack was crying about snack or Daddy being at work or both, and I asked him what we should do to feel happy. He replied, “Play toys in jams. Feeo be’rr.”

Wearing jammies makes me feel better, too, kid.

One thought on “On forming words

  1. Tony Thomas says:

    “Where my a’tar?”

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