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To Gracie on her first birthday

Our darling Gracie girl,

You are a wonder. We marvel at how this year has flown, how much you’re growing, how thoroughly you’ve captured our hearts.

This is our “baby book post” so we can look back and remember what you were like at age one.

You are so easygoing. You rarely whine except when you want to be held, which is about every day from 4-7pm! You have lots of adults to hold you in this house, and both Aunt Suzanne and Shayna are very accommodating when you grunt with outstretched hands. I think you have them wrapped around your little finger, and they like to buy you adorable clothes (like your fuzzy white Yeti coat with ears on the hood and claws on the cuffs, or your outfit with  tiny daschunds on it).  


You have been given hand-me-down clothes from friends like Lily and Isabelle, but you wear a lot of Jack’s too, like his shoes, and play with his outgrown toys, like his balance bike/trike outside in the backyard. You learned to climb on and balance on the trike even before you mastered walking unassisted! 


I forgot how fast the walking happens. You went from 1-2 steps to crossing the room in a couple days. It’s so fun to see you toddle after your brother, and you gladly climb flights of stairs trying to keep up with him. You also love climbing up into his new toddler bed, and almost always get down “the right way” from the couch, bed, etc.

Speaking of Jack’s bed, you inherited the crib last week; it’s in our room. We fell quite effortlessly into parenting you in the attachment style, so you spend the first half of the night in your crib and the second in bed with us. This arrangement makes it easiest for breastfeeding, which you continue with zeal.  

 I love this about you, especially since I didn’t get to this point with your brother, and I will keep nursing you as long as you’ll let me (we’re learning how to navigate your six teeth). The only downside of cosleeping with you is the ring of wet sheets created by your sweaty little head!

That sweaty head is covered with fine red hair. It never occurred to me we might get a ginger baby, but now that you’re a redhead with Daddy’s blue eyes (the rarest of combos!) I pray it stays red. It’s just now mullet-y enough in the back for tiny baby pigtails. I’ve waited many years to do baby hair, and I’m all about it now! 


You are an explorer. The kitchen cabinets and the bathroom are your favorites. 

Because you like to explore the toilet water, you’ve also become a comfortable hand washer. When we say, “wash hands” or even pull out the lotion bottle after bathtime, you do the handwashing/lotion rubbing motion.

When prompted, you wave hello/goodbye, give hugs and kisses, and clap your hands. Your daddy decoded your first word: “Baba” for Jack, whom you hear us call “Bubba.” That first word is so indicative of how you feel about your brother. You think the sun rises and sets with him. 

  Even before we heard you say his name, you would lift your palms to ask “Where’d he go?” if he left your sight.  

Of course, you also say mama and dada, and hi to almost anyone you see; the response delights you! You say up with or without outstretched hands, and “neh-neh” when you want to nurse. You occasionally say “uh oh” when you drop something and last week, we heard you call Shayna “nayna.”

You communicate in other ways, too, pointing and grunting, mostly. We leaned that the caregivers at BSF on Tuesday morning taught you to make a book motion with your hands for when they pass around the Bible, and you do that often now when you want to receive something.

I wish you weren’t so great at receiving germs. You’ve spent a lot of this winter feeling sick between viral colds, coughs, ear infections, more runny noses than we can count, and teething.  

 Your nine month vaccines even had to be postponed due to illness (we’re all caught up now). We hope spring and summer bring you relief and fewer doctor visits. And we hope these sicknesses now result in a stronger immune system when kindergarten rolls around.

We celebrated your first year last Saturday with a small family gathering with cupcakes. You wore your beautiful Easter dress and the headband for about 3 seconds. 

You were interested in the chocolate cupcake but didn’t devour it with as much fervor as I recall Jack did.   

      You’re less interested in eating than he was at this age, but you’ll come around eventually. You still nurse very well! You’re in the 26th percentile for height, 43rd for weight and 90th for head, built just like your brother–top-heavy!

Gracie belle, Gracie girl, Gracies, Grace Amelia, you bring something to this family we didn’t know we needed: your gracious demeanor. We see the gift of long suffering in you, even at this age. We pray Jesus will continue to grow you into the little girl He’s created you to be. How we love you.

Mama and Dada

P.S. Just after I posted this, you began bringing me books and turning around to sit in my lap and read. Definitely my girl, Gracie.