Monthly Archives: April 2015

just a list

I have lots of mini-posts floating around and nothing’s sticking. (And I really just want to check the box that I blogged in April.) I’m copping out writing a list.

1. I work with my friends. Beyond efficient work-flow and even above camaraderie, I legitimately count my teammates as friends. It’s a pleasure not everyone has, and I’m grateful for their friendship.

2. Our neighbors are teaching us how to love them better. The neighbor boys spent a few hours on our side of the fence yesterday, and it was obvious that Jack’s playmates did not want to pretend fight with him (he’s really into Star Wars these days). They ended up running from and shooting at monsters and sharks. Right before dinnertime, the boys’ grandmother told me how strongly she feels about guns and asked Jack and the boys to pretend they were “tagging” animals instead. It has prompted Jon and I to return to what we are teaching Jack about pretending with weapons. We have begun teaching Jack to ask if someone wants to play blasters or lightsabers, and if not, so suggest another game or activity. Small steps, to be sure, but we want Jack to know what it means to love our neighbors, and he can be part of it, too, even at his age.

3. I misinterpreted Gracie’s “allergies” last week and she suffered for days with a raging ear infection. I felt so horrible when the Greek doctor looked up from his otoscope and exclaimed, “Her ear is verrry bad. She was not fussing?” Oh. Of course she was. Sometimes, you miss it. Sometimes you don’t get it right. There’s grace anyway. And antibiotics.

4. I got the opportunity to help at Urban Ventures’ Community Day on the Greenway last weekend, pitching in at the food station next to the grill. I got to hear the stories of the two grill masters, Patrick and Lindsay. Both in their 50s, each man is a grandfather of 5, and they’ve both completed courses at UV’s Center for Fathering, which teaches men to become better fathers. Patrick said to me, “My kids are grown, but I can still learn something.” Jon brought the kids and Jack had fun dancing to the Latin music.