Monthly Archives: May 2015

these days

These days are full of wonder. Discovering, seeing, “me do,” and “me, too.” My kids are exploring their world, one corner of the yard at a time. They’re sharing and taking turns and looking out for each other. They hug each other, offer kisses, hold hands in their car seats. Everything is not always so perfect: They also kick and push and snatch toys away and yell. But that’s real life and they’re finding those lines, too.

Most days are good. Some days are exceptional, like this afternoon. We sat on the porch sofa, sharing a snack in the afternoon sun. It was delightful and I took a picture so I can remember the delight in the future. 

 Other things I love about these days:

  • Waking up with Grace’s toes in my face!
  • Jack asking me to push him on the swings: “Two money!” (one for the money…)
  • Gracie’s kisses: she leans forward until her face touches you and says “ma!”
  • Watching Jack emulate Jon so carefully. He loves his daddy and wants to be just like him.
  • Seeing the kids’ love for our housemates. When Jack lists off our family, he always includes “Aunts” and Shayna. I love that our kids will know that to be a broad term.  
  • Gracie’s hyper-awareness of Jack’s whereabouts at all times. It’s the first word she utters on the morning: “Bubba?” She is at her most agitated when she wakes up from her nap and he is still sleeping. The relief on her face when he comes down the stairs is unmistakable.
  • Jack’s bedtime routine includes stories (“You tell it,” he says) and talking to him through the air vent (“Talk a vent?” he asks when we close the door). Sometimes he gets me to stay by wrapping his arms around my neck and saying “Snuggle me, mama.” Uhhhh okay; I’m powerless to the offer of snuggles.
  • Gracie’s ginger hair now forms a wicked skullet at the base of her head. I can put it into 2 of the tiniest pigtails you’ve ever seen. I still need to come up with the right response to “Is her hair red?!”
  • Jack playing with the neighbor boys, running around the yard, chasing “sharks.”
  • Jack pretending with his “guys,” little playmobil and Lego figures. He uses voices and gives them names (usually characters from Star Wars).
  • Gracie’s random hugs, especially when we’re in the kitchen. This is usually accompanied by a plaintive little “up!”
  • Everyone’s favorite time of day: when Daddy gets home from work. The kids each run to him and he throws them up in the air saying “Daddy’s home!”