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Conversations with our kids

I think every parent dreams of this day: realizing you can talk with, not just at, your child. I used to tell Jon when Jack was a baby: I’d rather have a kid who talks than a kid who walks. Well, they both walked first, but I realized recently that I also have two talkers. Frankly, it’s gotten pretty chatty around here!

At Gracie’s 18-month appointment (1 month late… #secondchild), her doctor said he likes to see a handful of words at this age. I told him I quit counting after she hit 100. 

It feels too obvious, but one day I realized that asking a question elicited an intelligible response. What a game changer for choosing clothes and breakfast foods. Took the guesswork out of potty stops and diaper changes. And it gave a peek into their personality–their preferences and dislikes.

It can also be hilarious and/or maddening.

With Grace, conversations are utilitarian: meeting needs, etc. I love to hear her ask for “wadoe” (water), “ohnge” (orange), or “nana” (banana). And hearing “Beese! Ah doe!” (please and thank you) warms my heart.

With Jack, conversations are a bit more complex, now that he’s almost three.

A recent conversation with Jack:

Me: It’s time for Mommy to make dinner. [Please tell me I’m not the only one who talks about myself in the third person. Around my kids, I mean.]

Jack: Mac and cheese.

Me: We had that for lunch yesterday buddy. We have that a lot.

Jack (like a tyrant): MAC AND CHEESE! MAC AND CHEESE!

Me: No! My lord, you cannot have that for every meal!

Jack: You’re not my Lord.

Me: …

What a humbling moment, right? Later, we double-checked and asked Jack who his Lord was. “Daddy!” he exclaimed without a moment’s hesitation. We’ve got a bit further to go, apparently.

  Tonight, Jack said “Happy treating!” while collecting candy from neighbors, and easily identified himself and Grace: “I a fireman. Gracie a doll-matian.”

Of course, the sweetest part is how they talk to each other. Jack calls her “peanut girl” or “sweetheart,” and Gracie shouts “Dack! Dack!” until she has his attention.

Yes, I love hearing my kids’ vocabulary develop and their conversational skills expand. I love discovering who they are as people and who God made them to be. What a privilege to be their parents.