To Jack and Grace

Dear Jack and Grace,

11061655_859265824118_5755606292068120332_nUp to this point we have typically written letters to each of you individually. You are each beautiful children with unique gifts, created in the image of God. However, on this occasion, I wanted to write a letter to the two of you to capture a glimpse at the beautiful friendship and companionship you have developed.

Grace, for months now, when you wake up, look up, or move, you ask, “Bubba?” or, “Where’s Dack?” Whenever you sees him your whole face lights up and often times you run to him. I have heard numerous people describe your reunion after separate BSF childcare on Tuesdays, complete with smiles and running into each other’s arms.

Jack, you love to “play toys” and sometimes that gets challenging. Grace will sometimes take a toy from you. Other times, Jack, you’ll take a toy you want from Grace. Sometimes this requires mediation (from Mom, sometimes Dad) to help reach a compromise and continue practicing sharing. Increasingly, though, Jack, you look to give something to Grace so she can play, too.

Both of you love—and frequently request—to “watch a show.” Specifically, you have bonded together over Daniel Tiger which comes out of the creative world of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger does all sorts of fun things and has catchy jingles like “When something seems hard to do/ try it a little bit at a time.” Jack, you love the cool things Daniel does with friends, family, and environment. Grace, you particularly perk up whenever Baby Margaret (“Memmick”) is involved. I recently fell asleep on the couch and the two you watched contentedly together.

12313898_875712235378_4335310228539637034_nYou both can be really great helpers. Grace, you love to throw things in the trash and help pick things up. Jack, you like to model behavior for Grace. Sometime you don’t want to do something if we ask, but if you see that it helps your sister (e.g., saying a prayer, putting on jammies, or brushing teeth), then you shows a particular zeal. Grace, you look up to Jack and Jack, you takes pride in watching out for your little sister.

Mommy’s note: Sometimes Daddy and I catch each other’s eye as we watch you interact, and I can practically hear what we’re both thinking: Look at them; they love each other so much. You each show much affection (nature + nurture: we’re a very affectionate family) like hugs, kisses, nicknames, dancing together, holding hands. Jack, some of the things you call Grace are sweetie pie, sweetheart, peanut girl, and Grace Amelia.

Having two sisters of my own, and one of them now living with us, I know that brother-sister relationships can ebb and flow, but the moment you are now in is quite special. I very much value the relationships I have with my sisters now, which has taken some time to develop and heal from growing up in close quarters. I hope that the two of you continue to love, help, and enjoy each other. It gives your mom and I such joy to watch you experience life “toGETHer” (as Jack would say).

God has blessed us with the two of you and your friendship. We look forward to seeing how you welcome your new sibling in 6 months! As of now, you love to talk to Mommy’s belly, greeting the baby and giving kisses/raspberries.



P.S. I also love how much when I come home you both run up to me and want to play “Daddy’s Home”—when I throw you each up into the air. You are very patient taking turns and in some ways, enjoy watching the other fly through the air as much as doing it yourselves.

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