About Us

We’re the Kellers: Jon, Maggie, Jack, Grace, and Thomas. Our lives are full of beautiful stories. The short version of ours is how we met and married in 13 months and then produced three kids in three-and-a-half years (wasters of time, we are not). As our family grows, we find ourselves using this space to capture what our kids are like at various ages. We believe our lives tell a story of God’s faithfulness, and we use this blog to share that story with you. We strive to tell these stories honestly and vulnerably. As Maggie likes to say, “Come into my mess. We can cheer each other on.”
Jon works at a startup, Maggie works in communications, and all five 5 Kellers are part of a faith community called The Table at CPC. Our blessings are as numerous as the people we call friends, both near and far. We love other people’s stories, traveling together, living communally, watching football, and going on adventures.
Where’d we get our name? It’s a play off Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the four gospels.

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